Global Travel & Translation Services

About GTTS


Profile: Peter James Dutschke is the translator behind Global Travel & Translation Services. A native Australian and English speaker, Peter left Australia in 1988 after obtaining his Diploma of Teaching from the University of South Australia. Now a resident of Germany, Peter has many years of experience living and working in Germany, as well as numerous other countries.

Skills: The linguistic skills Peter has acquired living and working in Germany have been essential in building up a successful translation business. The all important “local” sayings, expressions, and formulations embedded in the German language can only be learnt or appreciated when living in the country. Combining this knowledge with Peter’s native mother tongue - English, has meant he can deliver high quality translations that transmit 100% the message intended.

Customer Relations: GTTS knows that the customer needs translations to be professional, accurate and on-time. This is what GTTS can offer it’s clients with a personal one to one service that offers competitive prices. Superior customer service is the hallmark of Global Travel & Translation Services.


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